The Amber Light

I was lucky enough to be invited to a private screening of The Amber Light, a documentary that explores Scotland’s greatest export, whisky, and how it intertwines with Scottish culture.

I’ve been following the project since the idea was crowdfunded via KickStarter and I was more than a little proud to see my name appear on screen in the final credits.

Dave Broom is one of the best whisky writers of our time and his books on whisky and Japanese whisky are firm favourites in my drinks library. Dave delivers memorable whisky tastings which focus on the enjoyment of whisky and truly take you on a journey, and so he was perfectly placed to be our onscreen guide for The Amber Light and explore the world of Scotch.

For anyone planning a whisky trip, this film is a must see, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on how to explore Scotland through a whisky lens. The film features some of my favourite places and people in Scotland from the peat bogs of Islay with Lagavulin’s legendary Iain McArthur and Glasgow’s best whisky pub, The Pot Still and its owner, Frank Murphy.

This is a film for lovers of whisky, it goes beyond the cliché images and digs deep into the soul of the Scottish people and explores the overwhelming sense of community that is involved in making and enjoying whisky.

After watching The Amber Light, I was left with a renewed passion for the importance of whisky, its sense of place and its powerful way of bringing communities together. I was reminded of its humble beginnings and how it permeates Scottish culture, most notably music and literature.

Right now, Scotch is having a moment, it is the responsibility of all of us in the industry to ensure its legacy is protected and innovation is embraced, so it can continue to serve the communities at its heart.

The film is due to be released during Edinburgh festival and is quite rightly nominated for awards. Click here for more info on screenings.


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